1185343240.jpg - largeQuality work from line markers in Sunshine

Brimbank Line Marking understands that you want a company that can ensure quality work. We are an experienced team that uses quality line marking products and machinery to ensure the durability of our work.


We value your time

We know you don’t want to waste your precious time and stop your activities for road line markers work. If your school’s sports court needs maintenance and the lines are barely visible now, you just need to contact us. 


Brimbank Line Marking is a professional team that can get the job done, anywhere in Melbourne and the major surrounding suburbs on time to avoid surprises and extra costs. We are flexible and can do the work fast so we don’t have to disrupt the school’s activities.  


We value durability

Brimbank Line Marking can also redo the signs and road lines of carparks. Like you, we don’t want to have to close your facility. So what we do is we work on it as best we can and use the best materials to make sure that you won't have to call us again to repaint. 


We are a company that will do a professional job so the lines and signs will last.