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Car Park Line Marking Melbourne


Do you want to turn open asphalt on your property into a car park for your employees? Have the lines in your car park faded and flaked into oblivion? With over 15 years of varied and outstanding experience drawing precise and straight lines in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments Melbourne residents can trust the family-owned business at Brimbank Line Marking to enhance and improve their space for less.


Using highly-resilient and visible materials including Dulux Roadmaster Paint and Thermo Plastic we can complete the best car park line marking Melbourne domestic and commercial customers have been searching for. Able to stay bright and visible even with countless heavy vehicles driving over the top of it our outstanding car park line marking ensures that optimal space is given for each visitor to your site or building to safely and easily park their car without stress or hassle.


With our prompt and direct car park line marking Melbourne residents can experience a quick and easy car parking experience. Able to be seamlessly applied to multiple surfaces including concrete, metal, and asphalt our durable and highly-visible car park lining Melbourne-wide gives our domestic and commercial customers the best value for their money with our prompt and professional solutions.


Along with our standard car park lining Melbourne residents throughout the city can hire our experienced and knowledgeable team to stencil and paint specialised car parking spaces for parents with children, disabled parking spaces, and spaces for emergency vehicles and loading zones. With our all-encompassing car park marking Melbourne businesses and private residents can get the lines and layout to suit their specific car parking environment.


At Brimbank Line Marking it is our passion to deliver the highest standard of service and satisfaction with our completed car park marking. By trusting our attentive and accurate team to conduct car park marking Melbourne properties will ensure that every guest, visitor, or client that drives in will have all the space they need.  


Whatever area of industry you’re in, Brimbank will tackle jobs of any size and apply our professional touch to any surface that you need painted. We’ve marked car parks and factories for a number of customers and we count them amongst the many clients that come back to us because of our exceptional and friendly service.